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February 28, 2010



hope you're feeling better soon!! xxoo

kate richbourg

Hey sister... sorry to hear about your arm! Glad that you are on the mend. Thought I'd send over my favorite Highway 99 stop... http://www.forestiere-historicalcenter.com/ Totally off the beaten path!

Have a great time at Spring Training & take care!


We really missed seeing you. Heal quickly.


my friends and i were so worried when we saw your empty booth at stitches!!!! you were greatly missed.

i hope your elbow heals-it can take a while. my husband suffers from it. let me know if you find something that works so i can pass it on to him. stay away from the steroid shots!!!!!! did not help my hubby-in fact caused more troubles!!!!!

watch your intake of coffee, chocolate and nightshades-i know big bummer!!!!

take care and heal!


I was so sorry not to see you at Stitches! I even brought my tote bag, to advertise for ya. :) Sorry about that darned tendonitis!

99 goes by Bakersfield, yes? Apparently, there is a lot of interesting Basque food there. My coworker speaks of a place with long picnic-style tables and checkered tablecloths, and interesting conversations among diners. Have fun!


Oh, what a drag! I had a lot of trouble with tendinitis in the 90's, mostly typing related. It really did not go away until I changed jobs, but then I didn't do my therapy exercises as regularly as I should have. I hope yours heals faster.


Missed seeing you! Luckily, Rachael filled me in on your status at Stitches. I had tendonitis too in my hand and only a complete avoidance of the activities that caused it would let it truly heal properly, though therapy exercises did help a bit. I also took anti-inflammatories for a while too. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


I missed you terribly at Stitches. But I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself so I am glad you are taking care of yourself.


There'll be other stitches. Glad to hear your doing better.Can't wait to see the shawl, I'm sure its be gawjus!


Ah, I was wondering about you -- thanks for filling us in, and hope that your health improvies!


Feel better! I missed Stitches this year, too (yeah, I'm not a vendor, not exactly the same thing, is it?) due to some family commitments. You're right to heal first.


Missed you at Stitches.

When will you be heading down for Spring Training? We are flying down on Friday (A's on Saturday, Brewers on Sunday because they bring in their Brats from Milwaukee, and Dodgers at Giants on Monday). Why yes, we have been more than a few times.

If you can, have dinner at Don and Charley's in Scottsdale. Lots of Giants memorabilia and cheese toast that will rock your world.


I've got the same thing going on with my right elbow. Feel for you! Kerry's smile just lights up her whole face! Love it!

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