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March 19, 2009


Jen Minnis

this lace pattern is so lively and full of motion... my normal love of the cool shades just couldn't be wrestled into fitting with it. the tangerine has enough vibrancy to keep the energy flowing, while also being light and bright and cheerful. the angora would give a hint of softness to the finial lace patterning. i can almost see it already in my head!


I just like the pomegranate! Probably because it's totally different than what I've been spinning lately... lots of blues, naturals, purples, and oranges. :-) I don't have any great reasons why it would match the pattern. But lace is such fun! You can't lose!


My vote is for the tangerine angora-merino as well. Even though I was intrigued by the yak-tussah, I think I need yellows and oranges with the cloudy weather we've been having lately ;-) I think whatever you choose it'll be beautiful!


I'll vote for the alpaca/tussah. First, I think that of all the fiber blends you listed, it is the most doable in terms of spinning in a reasonable amount of time. The fiber length will make it stronger yarn ( and you'll need it when it comes to those nupps) and a quicker spin. Also, it will be a crisper yarn than say the angora blend, showing the stitch pattern off.
Thanks for bringing that pattern to my attention. Beautiful!


I voted for the alpaca-tussah completely because of the color. The name of the shawl makes me think of the Aeolian Islands, so some lovely ocean colored laceweight would be beautiful.

I reallize that this is the opposite of the Aeolian that the designer was inspired by (wind erosion in the desert), but I like the contrast alot.

Have fun!


I voted pomegranite....yak is so warm that to have an incredibly lightweight shawl should be heavenly.


Aeolus is god of the wind (I Freudian typo'd wine first) - I think the Dew colorway has a lot of windiness to it. And alpaca silk will be strong and soft, like the wind, with a gentle drape.
Do the Dew!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

I think the chocolate alpaca-tussah would work best. Nothing technical, I just love the color and the blend and I think it would look very nice on you!


I voted for the Sorrel as I love the color plus I think the fiber combo will be the best for the shawl.


I voted for the Yak-Tussah in Pomegranate because you look good in red! :)

teresa (teresaknits)

I chose the dew color becuase it's a lovely color and it will look lovely on you. My second choice would be the pomegranate because it's such a gorgeous color and you'd also look good in it . . . but I just see the shawl in the blue . . .

Excuse me now, I need to go check out your store and see if I can't find something to make my swallowtail out of . . . .

Yavanna Reynolds

I voted for the merino/angora mix in tangerine...the color will be lovely and the fabric would feel amazing. Like trapping sunshine to wear around your shoulders...

Erin Garcia

I voted for the yak-tussah because you would look great in that color.


I voted for Dew aas I love the color...and OMG, that shawl is calling to me as well! Can't wait to see your progress. Have fun!


That pattern is gorgeous!!! I voted for the yak/tussah in Pomegranate because I think that'd be a great color on you, and I think a little silk will help you get 500 yards from 2 oz, plus add drape and strength to the shawl. Looking forward to seeing your progress!


I'd like to say that I'm voting just based on the fiber content alone, but that Pomegranate color is so pretty. I was a little concerned about the short fiber length of the yak for the nupps, but the tussah will balance it out.

Enjoy your spinning and knitting and I can't wait to see the finished product.


I chose the angora-merino in Tangerine, because the color reminds me of a desert sunrise/sunset. All very beautiful, and I wish I was a good enough spinner to get laceweight!


I don't know Maia I'm loving the Dew colorway, and with spring right around the corner, or so I've heard, I can totally see you in that!

Didi B

I think that with your colors the Yak-Tussah would be amazing, it would make the pattern pop and brighten up everything around you. :) Yak-Tussah is also a LOT of fun to spin up as a lace-weight, so that was a huge factor in my vote too, the short-vs-long staple makes it a challenge and a half but it will be sooooo soft once it's knit up that it's hard to imagine something else.


Well, the Aeolian Shawl is named after the Greek god of the wind, and the color I associate most with the wind here is the Sorrel.


Tangerine! I love the other colors, but it immediately struck me as a perfect shawl color. I think light colors show off lace so beautifully, and the tangerine is an unusual color for a shawl while still being light and neutral enough to go with any number of outfits. It will stand out, but won't scream. Plus the fibers in question are so soft and lovely. It just seems perfect.


I agree about the Angora-Merino in Tangerine. It says sunrise/sunset to me too. How many yards do you think you'll get from 2oz?


I voted for the Sorrel, as it's a closer color to the sky, and the shawl is named after the wind.


I love them all. However, for this, I vote for Angora-Merino in Tangerine for its color and fiber combo. It will depict and show off the desert perfectly as described by Liz, the designer.

Whatever you choose, it will be glorious. I can't wait to see its transformation.


I chose the alpaca-tussah in Dew because I think the color will look beautiful with all the khaki and denim capri pants and shorts that will be back in service since Spring is here!


I chose Dew because of color and fiber - I bet it spins up with a really nice sheen and is soft as well:)


I voted for the Yak-Tussah in Pomegranate because I love the color and well... its Yak! And Tussah! :) And it's pretty.


I picked the Sorrel alpaca-merino-tussah. I like the comparatively long staple and the color reminds me of Yucca leaves!


Angora Merino in tangerine, because I'm on an orange kick lately. Also, I know you really love sun colors. Plus, come on, merino angora! The halo would be amazing on that shawl. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong!


I voted for the Angora Merino in Tangerine because I've just started feeding my baby citrus and orange-y colors are suddenly appealing to me!


I voted for the tangerine. Unusual color for shawl and it exudes warmth. I can feel it embracing me as we speak!Hot...Hot... the shawl will look hot as in Paris Hilton's "That's Hot".After all it is based on desert theme.Sizzling.....



Hmmm, this was a tough one... I voted for the Alpaca-Merino-Tussah in Sorrel mainly because of the fiber blend. Strength and drape from the silk, drape from the alpaca and better stitch definition and "sproing" from the merino. What made this a difficult choice were the lucious colors of the Pomegranate and Tangerine blends - yum!...


I voted for the pomegranate yak/tussah because of the fiber blend (yak lends itself to lace, tussah is great for strength and sheen) and the color, since the pomegranate is definitely one of the colors that is present in the geology of the Southwest. I can't wait to see it sun up and knit! :)


I chose the pomegranate because of the color and because I can imagine how wonderful it would be to spin Yak-Tussah. What a blend!


I voted for the Dew (darkest blue in the photo) because the color reminded me of Flathead Lake waves...just as the border of this beautiful shawl remind me of these same waves. It will be beautiful no matter which color you pick!


I picked Angora Merino in Tangerine - I think I equate the tangerine color w. your nice personality (when I met you at Bazaar Bizarre a couple of years ago) and the fiber for the warmth and softness for a shawl. Actually anyone would be nice but this one stands out the most. Congrats on such a wonderful fiber co.!


I love the pomegranate color, but it was a toss-up with the angora fiber. I've been having the urge to spin lately too, I just need to sit down and do it. Happy spinning!


I just finished knitting with angora and completely loved it, so I'm choosing the angora merino in Tangerine. Besides, the color reminds me of spring.


I picked the angora merino in Tangerine, because that's the exact fiber I just finished spinning, and I loved it! I think a shawl inspired by wind-carved rock would look great in a color that's like sandstone under late afternoon sun.


I voted for the alpaca-tussah in dew because I liked the color best. Thanks for a contest!


Tough choice, but the tangerine jumped up first. The sorrel tried hard to get my attention, too, though. I could have dithered all day...


DEW. What can I say, that is my favorite color.


i picked the tangerine, because we're just coming into autumn here, so the leaves are just beginning to get those golden tinges.. and of course northern hemisphere it's just spring & who couldn't do with a little taste of sunshine right now? and it's perfect shawl weather of course! :)


vote for Promegranate,...just love at first sight on this color and think shall be lovely for this shawl.


Tangerine for the spring blossoms in the desert. Dew for the clear blue desert skies. But spring, yeah, gorgeous spring colors in the desert. Tangerine wins.

(I love the Pomegranate too.)


Sorrel, definitely. Why? It's gorgeous. That's it. That's my big reason.

You want some tech-y reasons? How about: the alpaca-merino-tussah will be an easy spin for laceweight; the silk will add hidden strength for the beads and shine for the nupps.

I think I need to go shopping now... ;)


I picked the chocolate , for one I love chocolate and also I was looking at your other shawls and they are all beautiful and I didn't see any Chocolate...maybe it would be a nice color to try and I know it would look lovely on you...all the colors are fab I think I would need someone to pick for me too!


i voted for the alpaca tussah in dew, because i'm still obsessed with the colorway ;)

I'm hoping to cast on for my own Aeolian tonight, as my stithes south challenge project (which of course guarantees i won't finish it in time)


I voted for the Yak - it would make a fabulously warm but lightweight shawl. The colour is a dream too.

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