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July 03, 2008



You have officially passed me on the Lovely Lace Shawl. Woo-hoo! now I feel I have some company in the Great Errata Search of '08.

You mystery shawl is coming along beautifully. It makes me wish I had signed up for it...

I am just past the 1 year mark on Ravelry and I can't imagine how I ever survived without it! My favorite feature has to be the pattern search. I use it all the time. My favorite beer is Newcastle, my favorite time of day is just after midnight, my favorite color is yellow, and bald is beautiful! Down with the toupee! (I am also easy)...

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

My favorite thing about Ravelry is how I can look up a pattern to see what it looks like on 'real' people, and also to see what yarns others used to knit them. Conversely, if I have a yarn for which I haven't decided on a use, I can check out what others are doing with the same thing. I think I've avoided a few mistakes this way!

Dark beer, bald is hot/ rugs are tacky and pathetic, and I'll be in the East Bay for a bit this weekend (does that count as travel? Traffic could make it quite the trip).


I know you are a fantastic dyer, so why not overdye the orangish yarn to work better with the others? Just a thought!

I like to check out what other people have done with a pattern I am considering on Ravelry to see what modifications or caveats they have - some people do really ingenious things with a standard pattern, and I love to see the creativity!


I love your shawls, I was eyeing the goddess one on my friends feed the other day.

My favorite part of ravelry is the friends page and the forums. I have learned so much more about spinning from reading the forums.


I spend far too much time on Ravelry, and it's the forums that have done it to me. So many neat people to meet and talk about yarn and knitting! Plus the yarn shopping possibilities, right from my desk.


The neatest thing about Ravelry is the searchable databases. If I'm not sure what kind of socks to make with a particular yarn, I can look to see what other people have had particular success with. Likewise, if I'm interested in a particular pattern, I can look at other people's projects, and, especially, their notes about fit and pattern difficulties. (Reading the above, I'm obviously a very particular person!) What I'm of two minds about, though, is the enabling; I have discovered so much yarn that I'm desparate to try, as soon as I whittle down my stash some. And pick lettuce.


Along the lines of bald men shouldn't wear toupees, I think women who are going grey shouldn't dye their hair. We should just be who we are and celebrate age. Side note: if I win something could it just be sheep wool? I'm allergic to everything else, sad I know. Side note 2: you bought some of my yarn at Twisted last year! I'm hoping to do a booth at OFFF this fall. Will you be coming up for the show? Also, are you playing along with tour de fleece?


My favourite thing about etsy is being able to see the amendments to patterns that people have made.

Also, all the encouragement I've found in the forums.


My favourite feature is seeing what other people do with patterns. It's helped me decide on both patterns and yarn choices. (Second fave - the queue. Much easier than printing out patterns willy-nilly and trying to keep them organized) :-)


I love the feature of checking on friends activity...they pick some great patterns & it gives me another place to search for ideas for knitting. Also seeing the work of those who have the books I don't & see their take on patterns and colors.
*This fruit salad is yummy, nectarines-bananas-orange juice.
Very interesting pattern...I have yet to make a shawl, but this is encouraging me! Mrs. C.


OK, this is gonna sound weird. :) I have a friend whom I follow around in the forums. I click on her recent posts and see if she's found any interesting discussions and then I go read them.


Like the most.. -Friends activity. Especially other friends activity since there are greater chances of seeing new things.

I hate when people eat green apples, chewing with an open mouth.
To beer or not to beer? -I drink (loads of) mostly good old black tea. And Coffee. Or perhaps a "Pripps Bla" on a sunny summerday.
I like to give handmade things to people that apprechiate the gift.

(Like the least about Ravelry? The time I sometimes spend there, when I´m tangled in some new persons linked patterns..-when the SUN actually is shining outside! :o)

(Sorry about the spelling)


It's hard to narrow down a favorite Ravelry feature. The fact that a free site has so much accessible information is pretty awesome. But like most people, being able to research patterns & yarns as other people have knitted them, is truly invaluable.
I'm in the Anniversary KAL too. I love the colours you are using. I picked out something that I think is too busy for the pattern. But I will finish it & then make a more solid colour one too.

Guinness. Definitely Guinness.


I like a random assortment of favorites and show us your FOs! in the People area. I enjoy looking at what others like and what they've finished.

Forums is another favorite.


Being a techno dinosaur, it took me some time to register for Ravelry. Now, I'm hooked, but especially follow groups dedicated to designers that appeal to me. I like that I can view other folks projects, but also get more of an idea of what's going on in the design before I start/if I start. Browsing designers is a great function as well- inspiration to bust out of the trap of sticking with the familiar!

Nicole (ikkinlala)

Your shawls are amazing!

My favourite thing about Ravelry is the pattern browser. I love being able to narrow it down by type of project and yarn weight without needing to know exactly which pattern I'm looking for.

Katie K

Your lace is coming along nicely. Thanks for the info on the Heirloom Shawl chart. Also, I didn't know there was an experimental search function in ravelry. I'll try to figure out how it works.

I love a lot of the ravelry features. One of my favorites is to look for random people by the places they live in, say a country in Africa, and see what they're knitting, as well as what is in their libraries.


Love your pink and blue sock. Great job on the color.
My favorite thing about Ravelry is seeing the many different versions of a knitted pattern. Also, meeting all the knitters around the world.


My favorite things about Ravelry is seeing friend's activity and seeing what others have done with patterns I'm thinking about doing.

Biggest time-suck in my life right now is Ravelry -- specifically, the BID group.

I met a fiber artist selling crocheted and knitted goods at our local July 4th fair. I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to learn she is not on Ravelry and doesn't seem particularly interested in it!


Well, so far my favorite Rav feature is finding other like-minded obsessives via the forums - I found your blog that way, for example!


My favorite thing about ravelry is the pattern search feature... and being able to see other folks' projects for that pattern. My favorite beer is Russian River Damnation. Yum.


Hi, I've been admiring your Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl! The color changing works really well for this project.
Ravelry has so many features that I love, from the inventory of one's needles and yarn that can be printed out at the click of a button, to the great search feature for patterns. It's always amazing to me to discover that there is a great pattern in an Interweave Knits magazine that is sitting on my shelf....that I didn't know was there!
:) Cathy


Thanks for the tip on the Experimental Search feature, I hadn't discovered that yet.

I agree, how did we ever knit without Ravelry!


I'm going this Friday to California (I live in Nebraska) for a wedding. AND for the two LYSs in the area!

Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your stash.


Wow! It all looks amazing! I'm in a bit of a lace craze myself but I'm doing wee lace pieces :)

Has it been a year already? Time flies :) My favorite feature is all the stuff they have added to the friends activity tab. I can get lost with that little bit for days just looking at all the pretty things people of made, queued, and favorited.

Pork With Bones

I love seeing the ways people have creatively interpreted various patterns.


My favorite thing about Ravelry is favorites. I can just click that cute little heart on any of the thousands upon thousands of beautiful things people have made and then I get my very own customized gallery of inspiration (in the form of my favorited items). I love it!


My favorite Ravelry features are the Yarn and Pattern Browsers. Being able to narrow things down in so many ways is a great touch. Plus there's some number geek thing in me that gets a kick out of watching the number of patterns go down with every additional option selected.


I would say everything about the friends feature is my fave Rav thing. I get so many good ideas from other people's queues!


The linking of patterns, yarns and photos is indispensable in Ravelry. I also am enjoying the experimental search where I can specify that I want patterns calling for yarn already in my stash!


My favorite Ravelry feature? I think it is the Groups/forums feature. I enjoy looking at the forums for spinning, fiber prep, and technical stuff. I benefit from the knowledge and experience of others. I stay away from all the frothy discussions on hot topics, though. I just like discussing knitting and spinning.


I love the Rav forums, especially the "offtopic" ones, and meeting new people... especially in a town that you're moving to! I'm getting recommendations for realtors, neighborhoods, and even daycares, and I trust the people giving them to me - knitters won't steer you (too) wrong!


Ack! you made me realize tha I missed my Ravelry anniversary! There is too much to love about ravelry... Lately I am a big fan of the Sell/trade feature. I have both bought and sold yarn this way. How awesome is it that they hook you up with other crafters that are trying to destash?!

Also, I think the "Ravel it" bookmarklet (bottom of the main pattern page) is an under appreciated feature. I have mine in my toolbar and when I am blog reading it lets me dump pattern directly into my queue.


My favorite thing about Ravelry? I think it's Ravelry itself. I try to describe it to my non-knitter friends, and they roll their eyes. But there are so many computer savvy knitters. People just don't understand. Ravelers do.


My favorite thing is seeing real people wearing the patterns I'd like to knit. It makes all the difference, showing knitwear on various bodies, and has made me both discard plans and pick up unexpected patterns.


My favorite thing about ravelry is the links. When I see some has made something beautiful, I can immediately follow links to other things they have made, their designs, web page, and shop. It's a portal to the good stuff.


What is not to love about Ravelry? And finally, finally, I can mention it here in VT and sometimes the knitter I'm talking to will know what Ravelry is.

Lately I find myself checking the newly added patterns section religiously, just in case something new comes along. And I also just discovered using gauge as a search term in the patterns section, which helped me find a pattern for some yarn I already had.

(Please don't enter me in the contest, I don't need any more in the stash. I just had to gush, as always, about Rav.)

I love your socks, btw. Do you think the BFL will hold up? I love spinning it.


Hmmmm....it is so hard to pick a favourite feature. There are so many. I am going to say that the queue is my most loved feature since it helps me to organize all of my ambitious projects. Currently, I have 200 items in my queue so I guess I am in need of some more stash...and perhaps a way of stopping time so I can generate a few FOs!


I just saw this post - love (1) you tussahfluffer! :)


I just spend a lovely week in Paris (again) and wondered once again that there are surprisingly few yarn shops around. Surely not all Parisiennes shop a La Droguerie, Bon Marche or Anni Blatt. Anymore adresses?
(That was the random part)
I love Ravelry (where I spend entirely too much time admiring other people's projects) because without them I wouldn't know how many dpns, circular and straight knitting needles I have (counting 1 unit per size: 37!). And, yes I do have a life beyond knitting AND it's worth living(xD).
Love your blog


Yes, I am aware that this thread dates from 2008.

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