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January 30, 2008


Marcia Cooke

I got my MacBook about a year ago and will never go back! I'm ready to shoot the Dell PC so we'll have to get another Mac! As for podcasts, I've been looking for good ones to use in the iPod when I walk, and frankly, the only two I can stand are KnitPicks (and her voice is a bit over the top) and the WEBS's one, Ready, Set, Knit. Oh, and there is a guy from Australia (Sticks and something), but he hasn't had a new one in a while. Good luck with the Mac!


What I listen to:

Cast-on (all time fave, now going to monthly 'casting)
NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (weekly news quiz)
NPR's This American Life (weekly)
Sticks and String (recently updated after 3-mo. hiatus)
Stitch Stud and His Bride (Canadian knitting podcaster)
KnitPicks podcast

I've recently downloaded a few new ones (to me) to try -- KnitCast, which I understand is the original knitting podcast is one.

Then there are the ones I tried and have given up on, but I won't list those here.


Also, I listen to lots of audiobooks on my iPod while knitting, cooking, doing dishes, folding laundry, walking dog, etc. I get books on CD from the library and load them into iTunes and thence to my iPod, and I also subscribe to Audible.com (downloadable audiobooks).

I use an iPod Shuffle, which I think is about the least expensive iPod. It has no screen, but I'm fine with that, and it can clip right onto my clothing. I'm addicted.


I also like the Knitpicks podcast, but I like Sticks and String (the Aussie guy) more. Cast On is great too. Lately I've had fun listening to Knitters Uncensored, by three non-Germans in Germany.

Love those grays, too.


Ooooh purty! The Mac and the fiber and the scarf, all three. There's nothing quite like the bliss of a new computer. Until it won't work with something of course. ;)

I have subscribed to a ton of podcasts but haven't actually listened to too many of them. And I find books don't work for me because I either stop knitting so I can listen properly or I stop listening so I can knit properly and either way I end up having to go back or getting less done or both. So I put TV shows I've already seen on and then ignore them for the most part. I have no idea why that works better but it does. So I'm no help there.


Squeeeeee! Project Runway Canada!!!
Thanks, hon. ; )


I am Mac all the way. I just got an iPhone! As for podcasts, you should try Purl Diving. It's short little "pillowcasts". You might like it. There are plenty more to recommend. just not much time tonight.


Just got a new MacBook this weekend -- my old mac finally started to creak to its knees. LOVE IT. And now I have to watch Project Runway. Yay! There's so little on TV right now.....

julia fc

It's a good thing, though, isn't it. In comparison, PR Canada makes me a little embarrassed to be American.


Mmmm...that BFL is lovely.

Strange that you should ask about podcasts just now...I posted my first one yesterday! Even if you don't want to try that I've got 4 very good ones listed in my shownotes. The Aussie guy IS awesome! His accent makes me swoon :)


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