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November 12, 2007



The socks are really pretty!

How about a top down Faroese shaped shawl that way the striping will be more evenly distributed than a triangular shawl?


Silly dogs!

What a great idea to combine the laceweight into sock yarn. Love the resulting socks! Can't wait to see which shawl you choose to knit with the rest.


Of course its considered spinning. I say if you use a wheel then you're spinning yarn.
Sometimes I wish that I could just plug a USB into your head so I can see all the ideas you have. Those socks are amazing. I love the color transitions.

julia fc

The plied sock yarn is a brilliant application for your little splurge.

I knit a successful triangle out of a striped yarn awhile back, based on the Caryl's Kerchief pattern that was written for koigu pppm. The stripes complimented the lace nicely, and didn't turn muddy as the stripes were thinned out by the lengthening rows. But you could change the lace as you went to accomodate the changing stripes. But hey, a rectangle would work too, and the stripes would be consistent, and a no brainer.


I'm really blown away by those socks! Brilliant idea to ply those yarns together that way.


Ohmygosh Maia, I can't believe you did that! That's so much work! I recently plied two fingering weight yarns together and after one skein, decided forget it - I'll hold two strands together while knitting! Kudos to you for sticking it out - the socks look great! (Can I use any more exclamation points!?!?!)


Lovely socks! You are very "dogged" when you get an idea like that into your head. So funny about that spoon. I guess those boyz like Thai flavors.

J Strizzy

How cool is that! I love seeing the laceweight singles tunr into first 3-ply yarn and then finished socks! Plus I love yarn with gradually changing colors like that. They look fantastic.


Maia, those socks are stunning! Such a smart idea, such beautiful color changes.


Brilliant! Love those socks! And now I'm sort of bummed I passed on all that lace weight. The boyz are too cute :)


This looks like a call for modular knitting! Entrelac. Miters. You pick it, cause you're gonna have to knit it.

Maia you are a clever lady, no doubt about it. The socks are just fabu. Kudos to you.


Oh, my goodness, those socks are stunning! Such gorgeous color transitions.


You might consider knitting little shapes from the center out(hexagons perhaps?) and sewing them together. Otherwise a nice entrelac stole would be very pretty.


Those are some really cool socks. What a neat idea.


oooooo... those socks are really cool! What a great idea!

No, I am not going to take up spinning. Nope.


What an awesome idea and it turned out so cool. Love the resulting yarns, beautiful! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the shawl :)


I got some of that same yarn at the shop from the broken skeins bin.

I thought about doing what you did and actually plying it, but it seemed like sooooo much work. I'm making a pair of mittens out of some of it right now.


I can't understand why I appear to have not commented on this post. I know I read it a while back. I remember laughing about the spoon. That's _such_ a dog thing to do.

The yarn in general and the socks in particular just blow me away. Lovely lovely socks. I look forward to seeing what you do with the rest of that Morehouse Merino.


Wow you're clever! I would never have thought to try that. Love the socks!


Suggestion for the stripy sportweight

A modular wrap! It would keep the small lengths of colour together and wouldn't take it too far out of shape.

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