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September 13, 2007



I can't wait to get started on this pattern - it looks beautiful!!!

what a cute shot of Sammie!!!


Those socks are going to be soooo purdy! If only I didn't have about 6 socks already in the queue. :-( But I can follow along vicariously and wish I were knitting them.

Sammie IS a goofball! :-)


Should it be a make 1 purl at the start of line 45? I keep ending up with the wrong number of stitches on that one.

I'm having fun with this!


How sweet is he sitting in that pot!!!!Could it be that he thought the skunk was a long lost relative? They're both the same black and white :) I know dogs from the farm when they get hit by a skunk they skulk around looking very demoralized. I bet he's glad to be back at home. It looks like he's in a Anne Geddes photo. Have a great weekend Maia!


Have fun at CWFF! What software are you using to do the charting?


Poor Sammie. He does look awfully cute in that plant pot.


I've been spotting mystery toes around blogland, too. I wish I had time to join in; unfortunately I don't.

Sammie looks adorable in that pot :)


How cute is that Sammie? :)


I love this pattern. I've noticed a couple of errors:

As Lauren said, the first stitch on row 45 should probably be a make 1 purl.

At row 65 I can't get the number of stitches to match up. I suggest removing two stitches from the line: the 14th and the 29th. This should make sure the stocking-stitch band has the correct size.

I am looking forward to the next installment ;-)


Gonna have to try these. (against my better judgement... I'm bad at reading charts)
You are a genius, Maia, really:)


Yes - I made the 1st stitch on row 45 a make 1purl, but on row 65, in order to keep the row count correct and the pattern correct, I opted to eliminate the 3rd decrease (K2tog) and make it a knit stitch - and do the same thing on the other side - SSK to a knit stitch...So far it looks like everything lines up with this little adjustment.


ooops - do what Deb said - row 67 needs that stitch eliminated.


What a nice pattern! I started my first sock yesterday and I really do like it! Thank you for sharing!


Awwww....Sammie is so cute! What a silly place to hang out lol!


Oh dear, poor Sammie probably didn't know what hit him. What a treat he must have been to be around! Hopefully he smells better now.

He looks cute in his little pot! (the rare botanical Boston Terrier)

The sock looks interesting! I love your sock patterns. I can't start anything right now since I'm into my 'no knitting left behind' project (clearing old UFOs), but I have your patterns filed away!

Gesche Johanna

Hi Maia,

I stumbled through blogland over your pattern and had to immidietly cast on. ;)

If you want to look in my blog: this is how far I had come since this afternoon.

Thank you for your pattern!
Gesche Johanna

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