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August 25, 2007



Very nice - I love the colors and you can never go wrong with the felted tweed :)

Darn it - I have not even thought about Rhinebeck attire.


Very nice! You will do yourself proud at Rhinebeck.


p.s. -- even if it is green (LOL).

Marcia Cooke

Sometimes Rhinebeck is cold enough for a sweater...sometimes, not so much! Five years ago, it rained and was warm. Last year it rained, then cleared, and got hot as hades. Four years ago...well, I've never been so cold in my life. I'll cross my fingers for you...great sweater!


The felted tweed sweater is so pretty! You'll either love yourself to death for having the foresight to make and wear such a lovely, warm sweater or you'll end up cursing yourself as you lug it around in your backpack all day. lol If you're coming from afar, bring a little folding umbrella too. ;) If you want to be really slick, do what my MIL does--wear silk long johns; they're so thin that they fit under your regular clothes, but they're quite warm. If the day becomes warmer than you'd anticipated, you can take them off and tuck them in your bag without adding much weight to it. Me, I'm lucky--if I'm not comfortable I can just go home. ;)


What a beautiful sweater! I was thinking about Rhinebeck myself now that my SIL lives in NY state. 2 hours away but still. An excuse right?


The start of your sweater looks great! I've been knitting a very long time, but i have only made one sweater in the past 20 years. I have always been interested in EZ's patterns...maybe someday I'll try another sweater.

Good luck with yours...can't wait to see it finished :)


Looks great! I think fair isle uses only two colors per row and stranded knitting incorporates more than two colors, if I'm remembering correctly.


The sweater's looking good; I LOVE the colors.


Such pretty colors! Hopefully the stripes will be enough to keep you going.


Beautiful colors so far and dark green body and sleeves will make it perfect.


It was a bit warm last year... Lovely Lady E's were everywhere, and the wearers were warm! Your sweater is gorgeous. I wanted to try felted tweed on the Rowan Patti.

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