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August 15, 2007



I was hoping the murse link was to a picture. :)


OMG Maia - you're a comment 'ho!!! Just kidding (and making reference to that crazy Ravelry thread). Happy blogiversary! I can't wait to see the progress on your sweater - it's such a pretty color.


Happy Blogiversary!!

Haven't a clue on your puzzle.

Yeah to Sammie for helping.


Happy Blogiversary! And congrats on Yarnival!

I can't believe you've only been around a year. That's amazing. You go, Maia! (And you, too, Sammie! My cats must never come to your house.)

I'll take a stab at the puzzle (why not, eh?)...

1) The people named all passed away in 2006.
2) Sphenic number, according to Wikipedia have 8 divisors (I had to look it up - still not exactly sure what it is.)
3) All three artists are known for songs that have "Seventeen" either in the titles or the lyrics.

So... 08/17/2006 ???


Congrats, and keep bringing the inspiring posts about your designing and native-plant gardening!

Frank the Reindeer

Okay so I didn't get the clues until I was about to comment and saw Judy's answer. Kudos. However, I have created another puzzle honoring you and your blog. See if you can solve it. I sure hope you can. I don't think I could

1)Your Secret Platinum
2)Hilary Duff
3) The Brady Bunch


Happy Blogiversary!!!!

I've got nothing clever by way of puzzles though. I'll have to see if I can think of anything soon.


Oh! Can I answer Frank's puzzle for the prize? Running theme is all too white bread for words? :)

As for yours,
Clue 1: 2006
Clue 2: did I mention I failed math?
Clue 3: 17


Oh happy anniversary! I'm a newbie to your blog found you through Ravelry (we are in some of the same groups). The fleece your working on looks awesome, I really love the color.

I'll go with Judy's answer to the puzzle, makes sense to me :)

victoria barton

october 1 2006 is the day yes no??? i really liek your handspun yarns beautiful first timer here as well


Nice use of Spenic numbers. Math is grand.

Happy blogiversary for the 17th of August!


Happy blogiversary! I've been lurking and happily reading your blog for a while -- it's always a good read -- thanks!


According to the archives, it's October 1st, 2006! OK, I admit it. I'm lazy ;-)


first time around, seems like a blog to be around, nice....


Hi Maia! Nice iPod cozy, is it just made from fabric or knitted? I can't tell. Happy Blogiversary!


Happy blogiversary. I think the answer is 08/17/06 when you follow the 3 clues. Very ingenious I may add. Simply love your blog. Keep in up.


Love the puzzle...very fun idea for a contest.

Congrats on getting into yarnival! It was the perfect post.


Happy Blogiversary! I read more than I comment -- I'm trying to get better about that though.


Happy Blogiversary from one of your (probably many) lurkers!


Yay Maia! Happy blogiversary!

(Thanks for having me to your spinning thing, too. I had a blast. On the way home I got to push a car out of the road for the first time, too. Happily, it wasn't mine.)


Happy Blogiversary!! Love that pic of Sammie cuddled into the fibre! so cute.
Congrats also on the Yarnival entry...good stuff.


Happy blogiversary! I got the first clue but was stuck on the others.

Your first post on this site was August 17, 2008, but your first LJ post was August 1, 2005. Ha! I am a good stalker!


Ack! I meant 2006 instead of 2008. Not so good after all.


Happy blogiversary!
Guess what? My plans changed and I'm riding up to Rhinebeck with Rosi so I'll be staying over (yay). I can't wait for October!

Linda J.


Happy Blogversary!

I vote for August 17,2006 as your first entry, only because I looked it up. :3



1) 2006
2) 8
3) 17

august, 17, 2006!


I can't wait to see your progress on the sweater/yarn for said sweater! My dog likes to help when I spin - by bringing his nose closer and closer to the moving parts...until I have to stop so that he won't get hurt and then he thinks that means he gets to go out!

Happy Blogiversary!


SO am I, like, a real dork for just posting a non-substantive post so I can win a prize????


OK, the sphenic numbers thing really threw me! I took college calculus, but I don't remember ever learning about those. Anyway, I got the 17/2006 part. I know you've been around at least since last fall, because that's when I started reading blogs.

Nice way to get the lurkers out of the woodwork!


1) 2006
2) 273, or the day of the year that Oct 1. fell on in 2006, is a sphenic number
3) 17

10/1/06 is my guess, though I see 8/17/06 as a good fit too :)

Happy Blogiversary!

Country Mouse

Hm... Three days after my first published blog entry. Which makes your blogiversary today! Happy day.


My favorite thing about this post (other than sammie of course) is the calculator next to the giant pile of fiber. Yay math!


I love contests, but I haven't got a clue to your clues. I'll do as everyone else and go along with Judy's answer or Kate's answer. I love the picture, and colour of your new spinning project. What make is your drumcarder? I finally got my spinning wheel, and I'm having fun practising. Looking forward to more pictures of your spinning, and thanks for blogging about your fibre obsession! It's been great getting to know you and yours through it! Happy Blogiversary!


Happy Blogversary! You stumped me in figuring the date of your first entry from your clues so I'll pass on the answer. Congrats on getting into Yarnival!! Thanks for a great tutorial -- you've inspired me to try toe-up for my next pair of socks.


Happy blogiversary!

I actually know what a sphenic number is, but I don't have an answer to clue 3, so I'm just going to guess that Judy's right.

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