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May 28, 2007


Katie K

The problem is that the light green is blending in and is in fact too light. If you look at your pattern, the stitched you've made light green are suppoed to be of the darkest value. You could try replacing the light green with the eggplant. Consider working the pattern out with colored pencils first.


I like Katie's comment and second it.

But I also think that your motif is very delicate since many of the lines are only one stitch. If it were heavier your diagonals would be stronger.


I've been praising the miracle that is modern medicine this past week too. Glad to hear Roger's well.

To me, your swatch is a work of art.

Janine B.

I have found that, although most FI books talk about shading from dark to light on the pattern and from light to dark on the background (or vice versa), this is in fact very hard to do effectively. The center values are generally too close, and that is the case in your swatch. I would suggest shading one way or the other in BOTH pattern and background, keeping the values distinct enough to read. As I view your swatch on my monitor, the visual confusion comes from the lack of connection between the dark dark center of the pattern and its very very light edges. The dark centers of the patterns dominate the overall swatch, but the white stitches seem disconnected.
I love your pattern--don't get discouraged!


I'm glad to hear Roger recovered ok. That must have been very scary.

I think if I were you I'd play with a paint program for a bit before doing any more knitting. Maybe try switching which is the motif color vs background color? I mean, make the big color changes of eggplant to red to orange to yellow to lemon be the black on your black and white chart and the greens be the white squares. The greens don't seem like they are striping as much so you won't get as strong a horizontal line out of it. Could it maybe be that why the motifs are fading out still is because they are all shades of one color as opposed to a range of colors? Of course, I don't really know what I'm talking about so feel free to ignore me.


I hope you got plenty of recuperating time this weekend and you both feel rested and well now.

Dang, that Fair Isle stuff is hard! I do agree about removing the white.

BTW, I'm going to the Nordic Knitting Conference in October--are you?


I have no real experience with this and have nothing helpful to add, but I just wanted to say that it is very interesting to me to see the design process like this as you go through it. I hope Roger is fully recovered!

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