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May 18, 2007



I so love reading your blog. Probably because I am fascinated with socks and spinners. I so want to learn to do that. Beautiful sock.


I so love reading your blog. Probably because I am fascinated with socks and spinners. I so want to learn to do that. Beautiful sock.


Hey! Congratulations on your win. Feels good, doesn't it? ;-)

I've got that book too, and the charted peasant designs too. Very inspiring.

Knit Lunabud Knit

I am so happy that you like the yarn! I was keeping my fingers crossed that you liked it! I am an alpaca junkie! Just absolutely love the stuff! The Suri fleece is much softer and finer than the Huacayas. What you have there is Suri. It is an absolute DREAM to spin! Next to the skin safe:) Putting the roving for sale on pause until after the wedding:) I think I could have been a bit more even with the spinning of the soy silk, but it is slippery stuff! Can't remember the alpaca or soysilk yardage, but have a quick way for you to find out......My Niddy-Noddy is a 1-yarder:)
Well, it's close to bedtime:) I hope you have fun with the yarn!


Oooh pretty yarn! I love spinning Romney too. I've got lots of lovely Romney/mohair blends I'm planning on getting to before too much longer.


Aren't the colours of Dandelion pretty close to the Alpaca handspun?

Both are very pretty!


Congrats on winning! What a great bunch of new stuff to play with!


I definitely vote for a three ply out of the batts. They are so easy to spin fine that you should have plenty of yardage for a three ply. I've never spun Romney; I'll add it to the list! Great stuff you have there!


Those are some great looking goodies. The celtic design book looks so cool! I will have to check that out.

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