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March 02, 2007



I'm gonna go with 96 different yarns (plus 7 different buttons!).

As someone who only started knitting last spring, I'm so impressed with your knitting history. That's a fantastic sweater that I'd have worn proudly in the 80s.


It's an impressive sweater. Perhaps your occasional bursts of chaotic inspiration are what fuel your orderly design impulses. Certainly there is room in one knitter's life for both styles.

It's mind boggling to try and guess how many yarns you used. There's no rhyme or reason to the thing. I'll say 46. Just cause.


Wow, I have never attempted that much colorwork, and I'm very impressed with that sweater. All the colors and tones harmonize, and I love the waves and swirls and squares. I suspect that the number of actual yarns is lower than the combinations of colors and patterns might lead you to think. I think it's probably the high 30s or low 40s, so my guess is 37.


I have been blessed with a skein of your handspun love (HSSY swap) and so will leave the guessing to others. HOWever, I wanted to just remark that my first view of this masterpiece required several up close and personal...and very, very long...looks at the pictures. You are such an artist! I couldn't imagine making this even now, and you did it so many years of knitting ago...what a talent!

Good luck to all you guessers...Maia spins delicious yarn!


Fascinating! I've been looking at Celtic Collection and of course, She used different Rowan yarns in some of the garments, like chenille mixed with wools and silks. Her pics don't show those things clearly, so it's great to see yours.


New reader delurking to say: That's a really beautiful sweater. I wish I'd been that adventurous a knitter then. 'Course that was my sewing decade so I wasn't knitting much at all then. My guess is 68 different yarns but it is a total guess because every time I try to sit down and study it I get lost in admiring it and lose count.


That is an amazing sweater! How fun! I'm gonna go with 75. Because I'm a split-the-difference kind of gal.


However many yarns there are they all work together really well!

I am going to say 82 because no one has guessed in the 80s yet


Okay, I'm going to say 63. No logical reason - just a wild guess.

That's a great sweater!

Laurie in Maine

Staring at the screen waiting for the divine number to pop into my head hasn't helped? Wild guess it is! 59

Live and Let Learn!

69 yarns. heh heh...69. ;-)

I love everything about that sweater, from the color scheme to the joyful freedom you must have felt while knitting it.


Wowzers! 78 is my guess, because that is all that I can do....guess. Do you know the number of yarns, of will you have to count them on the sweater? Have fun!


Wow!! 58?


Thought I'd delurk and pop in Maia to say that I love your blog!!


What an amazing piece of knitting...a keepsake for many, many generations. I love knitting....



72. And some absolutely amazing stitchwork. Such a fiber artiste!

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