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March 23, 2007



Thanks for the great garden pictures.

I like that same wild-style garden too. I've only had 1 1/2 seasons with my current garden and they were mostly spent moving things around. I still have some work of that sort to do, but I'm looking forward to some less intense gardening.


That's a great Dolly Parton quote!

Dinner was fun last night!


You got that right about how much maintenance it takes to make it look "that unmaintained." I have had to explain that to people who come to my house on more than one occasion!


I so badly want to get into gardening, but it seems like I'm always missing the crucial deadlines for planting, etc. set by mother nature... Still, this was an inspiring post - thanks!


Hmm -- must go scour the local nursery for some likely plants. My system -- plant it, see if it dies, and if not get some more of the same. I would love to have a nicer garden, but the work? Not so much.


Thanks for reminding me of the Dolly...Too funny. What a great lady.


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