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January 19, 2007



I have already done this meme ikwym about tagging people.

I like numbers too - especially the Fibonacci series.




Dear Maia, I am new to the KRForum so bear with me. I have only posted a few times. My youngest teen(17)still at home(4 others at colleges and law schools) "caught me posting" and admonished me as I used to do to them about internet safety! Anyway I visited your blog and enjoyed it very much. I lived in San Francisco for 3 yrs. in the mid-70's so I know how beautiful it is. Actually the reason I got hooked on KR is because of being snowed in for 3 days last wk. Now I'm checking in daily. Getting to the point-I loved your 'fugly'free socks. One of the few things I haven't knit are socks and I'm now interested but am looking for a good basic pattern to start with-any suggestions? Although I teach 2 knitting classes I still consider myself an advanced knitter dreaming of becoming expert someday!! Thanks for any help,PeggyB

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